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Development Charges (DC) Deferral Application Form

City of Kawartha Lakes
705-324-9411 extension 1146

Section 1: Application and Development Information – Completed by Applicant


Applicant's Information

Owner’s Information

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Corporation Status

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Development Details

Composition of Development (Type and Quantity)

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Requested DC Deferral Option: Please refer to the Development Charges Assistance Policy (CP2019-005) to ensure option is permitted for development type.

Please Note: Only one deferral option is permitted per application form. Please use multiple forms if multiple deferral options are requested.

Select your DC Deferral Option from one of the options below:

By signing, the applicant attests that the applicant is eligible to apply for a DC deferral as per Council Policy CP2019-005 and that all information provided is true and correct.


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