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Centennial Trailer Park Proposed Shed Design Form

Prior to submitting this Shed Design Proposal Form, ensure you have read the Rules and Regulations below.

Rules and Regulations:

Any construction requiring a permit under the Ontario Building Code will not be allowed. The Kawartha Lakes Chief Building Official has complete authority over these issues. Registered residents must request in writing to the Park Supervisor for consideration and approval to undertake the following:

  • Movement, alteration, improvement, construction, addition (deck or exterior shed) to, on or within their campsite.
  • Digging to avoid disrupting any buried hydro, water and sewer lines.
  • Planting trees, shrubs, or flowers is prohibited without Park Supervisor approval.
  • Shed shall not exceed 100 square feet.
  • Shed shall be no more than 8 feet tall.
  • Shed may not be used for sleeping, laundry or hot tubs.
  • No electricity is to be run to or from the shed.

Applicant Information:

Proposed Shed Design Information:

A detailed shed design plan must be submitted with all Shed design proposals.

If completing and submitting the Form online, please use the File upload option. If using the printable version of this Form, please use the space below.

Shed Design Proposal drawing requirements:

  • Ensure you indicate on the drawing the dimensions of the trailer and the shed.
  • Ensure you indicate the North direction on your drawing.

Allowed extensions pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif

I have read the above Rules and Regulations:

Personal information contained on the form is collected in pursuant to the Municipal Act, 2001 and will be used for the purpose of responding to your request. Questions about the collection of this information should be directed to the City Clerk or Deputy-Clerk at



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