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Centennial Trailer Park Dock Application


Please note: This Application is for the use of a dock slip at Centennial Trailer Park. This form is to be completed by current Centennial Trailer Park occupants only.

Completion of this form does not guarantee a spot. Kawartha Lakes staff will contact you to confirm details of this request upon approval.

Location Preference:

Rules and Regulations for Dock Occupancy

  1. Docks will be assigned after the Dock Application is received and after payment of all fees is received in full.  All Dock assignments will be based on available dock inventory and boat size.
  2. Only those with a boat will be assigned a dock slip at Centennial Trailer Park.
  3. All vessels must be clearly marked with name and/or license number as well as Site ID tag (issued upon payment).
  4. Dock spaces may not be sublet at any time, and will result in immediate loss of dock privileges.
  5. Vessels may not be used for accommodations while tied to City of Kawartha Lakes property (CKL).
  6. This agreement is for the use of dock slip only. Your assigned dock slip area is to be used at the sole risk of the boat owner. CKL shall not be liable for the care, protection, loss or damage of the boat or its gear, equipment and contents.  The boat owner indemnifies and holds CKL harmless against any loss, claim or suit arising out of the use of his/her dock slip, boat and its associated structures and/or equipment.
  7. CKL reserves the right to revoke dock privileges, or reassign a dock, at any time.
  8. No refunds will be issued for dock fees.

I hereby indemnify CKL and save it harmless from losses or damages whatsoever. I will make no claim and take no action against CKL and will have no enforcement claim again it for loss or damage to persons and/or property arising in the Marina for any causes whatsoever; unless such loss or damage was directly caused by a deliberate wrongful act by CKL.

I hereby indeminfy CKL and save it harmless from losses or damages whatsoever as outlined in the paragraph above:

Personal information contained on this form is collected in pursuant to the Municipal Act, 2001 and will be used for the purpose of responding to your request. Questions about the collection of this information should be directed to the City Clerk or Deputy-Clerk at



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