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Kawartha Lakes Shop Local Templates

Economic Development has developed a set of graphic templates for Kawartha Lakes partner businesses to use in their own marketing to reinforce and leverage the Shop Local message across the entire community. Take part in the campaign by choosing and customizing a template that suits your business and posting it on social media.

To participate, please complete the agreement form below and then follow the How To Guide.

Terms of Agreement:

The City of Kawartha Lakes allows the Recipient to post the City's logo along with the Shop Local Campaign logo at its places of business ("Premises"), which term includes temporary premises (such as a food truck and farmers' market booth) within the geographic boundaries of the City, and also on its websites and other promotional material (printed and electronic, such as podcasts or blogs) only in association with the Shop Local Campaign and for no other purposes (i.e. to indicate that the Recipient's product is favoured or endorsed by the City over other like products within the City). The Recipient is not to modify the City's logo ("amended logo") without the prior written consent of the City. The City may notify the Recipient at any time that its use of the City's logo is problematic for reasons as set out by the City in its notification, and give the Recipient 20 days to rectify the matter. If the matter is not rectified to the City's satisfaction, then the City may retract this permission for the improper use of the City's logo or amendeded logo, by given written notice of termination to the Recipient and the Recipient is required to remove the City's logo, or amended logo, from the Recipient's Premises, websites and promotional materials at its earliest opportunity.   


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