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Centennial Trailer Park

2023 Code of Conduct: Rules and Regulations

Centennial Trailer Park is owned and operated by the municpality of Kawartha Lakes and as such is regulated by Parks Bylaw 2006-147.

2023 Season: Centennial Trailer Park is open Friday May 12 (8am) through until Monday October 16 (4pm).

2023 Rules and Regulations:

Centennial Trailer Park welcomes you back! Please read this Code of Conduct (the Code) and review it with all family members. The rules of this Code must be followed to ensure we all stay safe and do not engage in activities that contravene any Provincial or Federal Government regulations and to ensure we comply with all health regulations. It is important to remember that, ultimately, we are all in charge of our own health and safety.

Enforcement of all rules will be in place for all registered names on your License of Occupation. Any breaches of this Code will be reviewed by the Supervisor, and a written warning, fine or eviction (depending on the severity of the infraction) could occur.

Respect of Others and Staff

All customers, guests and staff are responsible for respecting the dignity and rights of everyone at the Campground. Every person has the right to expect that their time at the Campground will be without any type of discrimination or harassment. We will not tolerate, ignore, or condone discrimination or harassment and we are committed to promoting respectful conduct, tolerance and diversity at all times. Incidents regarding this type of behaviour will result in your License of Occupation being cancelled immediately at the discretion of the Supervisor pending results of an investigation.


The on-site office is not regularly monitored by staff. Staff will be working in various areas of the park if needed. During Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm, you can call 705-324-9411 extension 1301 or e-mail: for inquiries. After hours, the contact number for urgent matters is 1-877-885-7337.

Financial Information

As a Park customer you are expected to abide by the following financial rules. Failure to do so will result in your eviction from the Park.

Site Fees are due by Park opening

  • Anyone wishing to make payment arrangements must submit a Payment Arrangement Form. All payment arrangements must have a zero balance no later than April 26, 2023.

Deposits on Campsites

  • A deposit to reserve a campsite for the following season will be invoiced in the fall of the preceding year. The remaining seasonal site fees will be prepared and mailed prior to the opening of the Park in May. All invoices are due and payable 30 days from the date of invoicing; failure to pay the fees on time will result in late fee penalties (as per Kawartha Lakes policy). The municipality reserves the right to offer to another party any site and/or dock where the fee has not been paid on time.


  • No refunds will be given upon eviction from the Park.
  • Refunds for seasonal camping will be given on the following basis (less $50 administration fee):
    1. 100% minus the site deposit, prior to the Park opening date.
    2. 50% minus the site deposit, after Park opening date.
    3. No refunds will be given after July 1.
    4. Refunds on deposits must be requested in writing and will be given on the following basis:
      1. 100% prior to December 31
      2. 50% prior to March 1

Returned Cheque (NSF)

  • 1st returned cheque; customer will be charged the full amount of payment plus a $40 administration fee.
  • 2nd returned cheque; customer will be charged the full amount of payment plus a $40 administration fee. All future payments must be made by certified cheque, bank draft, cash or credit card.

Safe Work/Leisure Statement

The municipality of Kawartha Lakes is committed to meeting the needs of its residents by providing services in a respectful, professional manner.

The municipality of Kawartha Lakes is committed to providing a safe environment for employees and residents, free from abuse. These are defined as any verbal or physical threat directed to our staff or residents and also includes swearing, shouting, disrespectful language and inappropriate gestures.

Conduct of this nature will be investigated and will result in action against the offending party, including refused service and/or eventual eviction.

Camper Conduct

Campers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to a family campground atmosphere at all times. Any and all violations of Park Rules and Regulations and/or of the Terms of the License Agreement will be kept on file as long as you remain an Occupant of the Park. Therefore any subsequent infractions will incur more stringent consequences, possibly resulting in eviction. Should Police and/or Municipal Law Enforcement be required, applicable fees will be charged. Rules for that conduct are outlined as follows:

  • Alcohol and Controlled Substances

    • Possession and consumption of alcohol and cannabis is permitted by seasonal campers and their guest(s) in accordance with the Provincial Liquor & Cannabis Control Acts. Possession of alcohol or cannabis in any area of the park other than a registered campsite is prohibited. Nuisance or excessive use of alcohol or cannabis will be reported by park staff and could lead to eviction. Use of illegal substances will not be tolerated at all.

  • Noise

    • A noise curfew will be in effect from 11pm until 7am as per Bylaw 2019-124.
    • The City of Kawartha Lakes Noise Bylaw will be in effect and enforced at all times.
    • Noise violations may result in a fine and/or eviction from the Park. The fines are as follows:
      • 1st offence is $100
      • 2nd offence is $200
      • 3rd offence is $300
      • 4th offence is eviction
  • Smoking and Vaping

    • Under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act 2017, you cannot smoke or vape within 20 metres of children's playgrounds, sports fields, and comfort stations nor in any enclosed public place.
  • Swimming

    • Swimming is restricted to designated areas within the Park and prohibited between 9pm and 7am. 
    • An adult must supervise children at all times. LIFEGUARD NOT ON DUTY.
    • Diving and swimming is not permitted off any dock located along the Park shoreline. 
    • Fishing is prohibited in designated swimming areas.
  • Minors
    • We expect that parents will ensure their children obey the park rules at all times. If your children cannot follow the rules, they should be accompanied by an adult when off-site.

Campsite Restrictions

The following outlines the permitted and restricted uses for all Park campsites:

  • Campfires

    • Campfires are permitted in accordance with the City of Kawartha Lakes Burn Bylaw.
    • Campfires must be built in existing campsite fire pits. If you wish to relocate a fire pit ring please contact Park Staff for approval.
    • Staff may at any time extinguish unattended or unsafe fires.
    • Burning of garbage or leaves is not permitted.
  • Dock

    • Docking spaces and privileges will be assigned after full payment of the prescribed seasonal fee has been made and the dock invoice has been paid in full. Failure to make full payment will result in dock privileges being withdrawn.
    • Docks are NOT part of a site and as such DO NOT get transferred with site.
    • Docks are property of the City of Kawartha Lakes.
    • No docks may be added/attached to the City of Kawartha Lakes property.
    • Only (1) dock slip is permitted per site.
    • No playing, diving or fishing from the boat docks will be permitted.
    • Mooring of a boat to the shoreline will not be permitted. Inquire with Park Staff about dock rentals.
    • Boat I.D. Tags MUST be displayed clearly on the boat.
    • One boat tag and trailer tag will be issued per site upon purchase of a dock space.  If you do not have a dock but store a boat/trailer at the park, a boat tag and trailer tag are still required.
    • Boats using a dock without docking privileges will be tagged by Park Staff and may be removed based on the Trespass to Property Act.
    • Unsafe use of watercraft may result in docking and launching privileges being revoked.
  • Fertilizers and Pesticides

    • No chemical sprays, powders, granular including fertilizers and weed control products shall be used in the Trailer Park without consent from the Park Supervisor or Crew Leader.
  • General Permitted Uses on a Campsite

    • (1) Vehicle (secondary/guest vehicles must display parking tag and be stored in designated parking area not on site)
    • (1) Vessel on a trailer (providing there is space and at discretion of Park staff).
    • (1) Child's pool not exceeding 5 feet in diameter and 12 inches deep. Must be supervised at all times and emptied when unattended. Staff will empty unattended pools and tenant may lose pool privileges.
    • (1) Picnic table
    • (1) Tent
    • (1) Refrigerator (padlocked at all times)
    • (1) Air conditioning unit for trailer only (Turned OFF when campsite not occupied)
    • (1) Storage shed not to exceed 100 sq. feet with a height not exceeding 8 feet.
      • Storage shed may not be used for sleeping, laundry machines, or hot tubs.
      • No electricity is to be run to or from sheds.
      • Proposed Shed designs must be sent for approval. E-mail to obtain a Proposed Shed Design Form (see Campsite Appearance - Campsite Improvement section). Proposed Shed Design Forms are also available on the City website and can be completed electronically by visiting:
      • Grandfather Clause: Existing sheds which do not conform to the above criteria in quantity (1) or size (larger than 10 feet x 10 feet) may be permitted, however when any change occurs such as moving and/or replacement of a shed, or when the Occupant moves to a different site, or sells on site, then the Occupant must conform to the above regulations (one shed, 10 feet x 10 feet).
    • (1) Deck maximum 40 feet in length, not to exceed the length of the trailer including the tongue.
    • The deck shall align with the bumper and/or tongue.
      • Not wider than 10 feet.
      • Designs must be sent for approval. E-mail to obtain a Proposed Deck Design Form (see Campsite Appearance - Campsite Improvement section). Proposed Deck Design Forms are also available on the City website and can be completed electronically by visiting:
  • Maximum Campsite Occupancy

    • One (1) trailer permitted per campsite.
    • Six (6) persons maximum (18 years or older) may reside on the campsite unless they are immediate family that resides permanently with the registered camper in which case eight (8) persons maximum including children of any age would be permitted.
  • Parking (Secondary vehicles, Boat and Utility Trailers)

    • Each campsite will be permitted to have one (1) vehicle. One primary tag will be used per site and the cost is included in your site fee.
    • Secondary and/or guest vehicles are to be tagged and parked in the designated parking locations (see Visitors/Guests - Campsite Restrictions section for more information)
    • Parking tags must be displayed clearly in the vehicle.
    • Secondary vehicle parking tags are available for purchase.
    • Boat and boat/utility trailers must display I.D. tags (no charge). If you are using a tarp or cover on your boat, please ensure your tag is visible and on the outside of the tarp/cover. 
    • All vehicles, boats, boat/utility trailers shall have a parking tag affixed at all times.
    • The Park reserves the right to tow untagged vehicles, boats and trailers offsite.  Any subsequent fees will be the owner's responsibility.
  • Vehicles in Park

    • All vehicles must be operated by a licensed driver in accordance with the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and Regulations and obey speed limit of 10km/hr. while in the Park.
    • E Bikes and Scooters must obey speed limit of 10km/hr. while in the Park.
    • Tenants and visitors are prohibited from using golf carts within the Park.
  • Pets

    • Pets, not limited to dogs, cats, and birds, are prohibited from designated swimming areas in the Park. 
    • Pets must be kept on a leash (not to exceed six feet in length) when outdoors. 
    • Stoop & Scoop is mandatory, as per City of Kawartha Lakes Bylaw 2017-039.
  • Propane

    • Propane must be shut-off on trailers vacated for more than 48 hours.
  • Special Events

    • Special events organized by Park users shall obtain prior approval from the Park Supervisor.
  • Transient Traders/Yard Sales

    • Transient trader stations (yard sales) are only permitted when arranged as an event through the Social Committee.
  • Visitors/Guests

    • Your site is rented to you, your spouse and your children under the age of 18. All other people over the age of two including grandchildren, family members, friends etc. are considered to be visitors. 
    • A Season Guest Pass is now required for visitor access and is available for purchase. You, the Occupant must ensure the Guest Pass is purchased and displayed in your guest's vehicle. 
    • Please note there is a limit of 8 people total permitted on a site (6 adults maximum). This total includes guests and Occupants. 
    • Lost passes will be replaced at user's cost.
    • Occupants are responsible for their guests and any subsequent rule violations and associated fines/costs that may result from their actions.

Campsite Appearance:

Seasonal campers are expected to maintain their trailers and campsite in an orderly, sanitary and safe manner. The following outlines the specifics regarding campsite appearance:

  • Campsite Improvement/Alterations

    • Any construction requiring a permit under the Ontario Building Code will not be allowed. The Kawartha Lakes Chief Building Official has complete authority over these issues. Registered residents must request in writing to the Park Supervisor for consideration and approval to undertake any of the following:
      • Movement, alteration, improvement, construction, addition (deck or exterior shed) to, on or within their campsite. Complete a Shed and/or Deck Proposal Application Form online at:  or see Park Staff to obtain a copy of the Applications. Proposals for new sheds or decks for approval may be e-mailed to:
      • Digging of any type, to avoid disturbing any buried hydro, water and sewer lines.
      • Planting trees, shrubs, or flowers is prohibited without Park Supervisor approval.
    • No trailer or additions shall be placed such that it will obstruct or interfere with access to services.
  • Garbage/Recycling/Compost

    • Weekly garbage collection is completed by Park Staff.  Ensure your garbage and recycling is placed at the edge of your site by 12 noon on Sunday afternoon, Monday on long weekends. 
    • Garbage is to be put out in clear garbage bags, with a limit of ONE per site.
    • The City of Kawartha Lakes does not collect compost so food waste must be put in your clear garbage bag.
    • Leaves and yard waste are to be bagged in paper bags ONLY and should be placed at edge of your lot for pick up. Burning leaves is prohibited.
    • Please wash and sort recycling as it is collected on alternating weeks. Please - note Green bins are for fiber recycling such as newspaper, fine paper, cardboard - Blue bins are for container recycling such as plastic bags, pop cans, glass bottles, etc. Infractions will result in a fine. 
    • No oversized items will be collected and must be taken, by the owner to a landfill site.
    • Fines will be issued for infractions. The fines will be as follows:
      • $30 fine for the 1st offence
      • $60 fine for the 2nd offence
      • $90 fine for the 3rd offence
  • Grass Maintenance

    • Seasonal campers are responsible for cutting the grass on the site as required.
    • A fee of $50 will be charged per cut to the registered camper in the event Park Staff are required to maintain a campsite that is diminishing Park aesthetics. Park equipment, including but not limited to lawn mowers, is NOT available under any circumstances for use by anyone other than Park Staff.
  • Leaching Pits/Holding Tanks

    • Campsites containing Leaching Pits are to be used strictly for the disposal of gray water (laundry and kitchen waste water). Campers without Leaching Pits are responsible for containment of all gray water from their trailer (holding tank). 
    • Holding tanks shall be pumped once per week by Park Staff. Park Management has no recourse but to evict any seasonal camper who does not use the Leaching Pits for their intended use.
  • Use of Picnic Shelter

    • Picnic Shelter or Community Room may be used, at no charge, by registered seasonal campers and their guests provided that:
      1. A reservation of the facility is made by calling the Parks and Recreation Division at 705-324-9411 extension 1301 or by e-mailing:
      2. The Picnic Shelter is cleaned up immediately after its use.
      3. Any damages are reported immediately to the Park Staff, and repair costs will be charged to the customer's account.
      4. No seasonal camper or Park user is unduly disrupted by activity.
      5. All Park rules and regulations are adhered to.
      6. Use of Picnic Shelter or Community Room shall not go beyond 11pm.

Park Property:

Centennial Trailer Park is owned and operated by the municipality of Kawartha Lakes. As such the following apply:

  • Communications

    • Notice boards are located at the washroom buildings.
    • Posted advertisements relating to a business, sale or service need prior approval by Park Staff.
    • All formal concerns, complaints or requests related to Park operations shall be received in writing to the Park Staff.
  • Park Property

    • No one shall alter damage or remove any Park property.
    • No object including but not limited to satellite dishes, clothes lines, or dog ties may be attached in any way to Park property, including but not limited to hydro poles or trees.
  • Prohibited items on Park Property

    • Fireworks, paper/chinese lanterns, weapons, firearms, mopeds, all-terrain vehicles, permanent clothes lines, fences, flagpoles, playground equipment and horseshoe pits on individual sites. For all inquiries please contact Park Staff.
  • Pumping Services

    • Pumping tags will be issued to those requiring this service.  Please place your tag in the office mailbox on either the East or West side of the Park when pumping is required and Staff will schedule the pump out. Pumping is ONLY done on Tuesdays. Once your tank has been pumped, Park Staff will return your tag for later use.
  • Roads

    • Vehicles must travel on existing roads within the Park (not exceeding 10km/hr.).  No one, other than Park Staff shall maintain, attempt to alter, remove or erect the existing road bed, including speed bumps, drainage and signage.
  • Trees

    • No tree located within Centennial Trailer Park may be altered in any way, nor can any items be affixed to them; including but not limited to satellite dishes, clothes lines, or dog ties. The Kawartha Lakes Arborists are solely responsible for evaluating a tree's health, and determining a course of action for care. The municipality of Kawartha Lakes is NOT responsible for damage caused by falling trees or branches.

Site Transactions:

  • Age Restrictions

    • New Travel Trailers entering the Park, either new customer or trailer "swap out", MUST be less than 10 years old. New Cottager style models entering the Park, either new customer or trailer "swap out" MUST be less than 17 years old. The municipality has defined Cottager style models as having a shingled, pitched roof, siding, no slides and a width of 12 feet or greater.
    • Any tenants currently in the Park with Travel Trailers older than 10 years and Cottager style models older than 17 years may remain, however if selling on site, your unit must be less than 10 years or less than 17 years respectively. The same rules apply for movement within the Park (site to site).
  • Campsite Transfer

    • Campsites will only be transferred to another party by the Park Supervisor.
    • Seasonal campers who have notified the Park Supervisor in writing, will be placed on the waiting list for a campsite. The waiting list is wiped clean every January.
  • Selling on Site

    • Selling on site is only permitted with written approval by Park Supervisor, conditional to site waiting list and conditional upon age of trailer. Your permission to sell on site expires on the last day of the camping season. Occupants must request permission annually.
  • Subletting

    • Subletting is prohibited. If there is suspicion of subletting, it could result in eviction from the Park. All guests visiting a site must be accompanied by an Occupant as listed on the License of Occupation.
  • Trailer Replacement

    • A minimum notice of one week, to Park Supervisor, is required prior to any exchange or movement of the trailer.  Movement is not permitted over the course of a weekend for safety reasons or on Tuesdays (pump out days). Please contact Park Staff to discuss proposals for positioning of a trailer on site. If approval is not received prior to placement, Management reserves the right to request the repositioning of the trailer with all costs to be paid by the Site Occupant. Staff will not be responsible or assist with any trailer movement. Replaced trailers must be immediately removed from Kawartha Lakes property (replaced trailer not to be stored on site).
  • Trailer Specifications

    • Trailers entering the Park shall be approved in writing by Park Supervisor prior to entry.
    • Trailer specifications shall be provided to Park Supervisor - length, width, height, year, model number, manufacturer and trailer type - Travel Trailer (tag along 5th wheel) or Cottager model.
    • Trailers must be of portable nature and remain portable while located in the Park (trailer tongue and hitch must remain attached).
    • Trailer must be capable or converted to support 30 amp power service.
  • Waiting Lists

    • There is a waiting list for campsites and dock slips. One Occupant, only, from each site shall be permitted to add their name on the waitlist, for one site. This means, Occupant 1 cannot have their name on a site and Occupant 2 have their name on a different site. This waiting list gets wiped clean every January. If you are interested in having your name on the waiting list for a specific site or dock, please e-mail:

Personal information contained on the form is collected in pursuant to the Municipal Act, 2001 and will be used for the purpose of responding to your request.  Questions about the collection of this information should be directed to the City Clerk or Deputy-Clerk at

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